We are proud to present one of our newest products – Rising Stem Ball Valve (LCM Italia).

LCM RSBV rising stem ball valveAll LCM RSBV are manufactured to a high quality to keep maintenance to a minimum and ease of internal inspections with the valve installed in the pipeline. The standard design is suitable for low and high-temperature application. The basis of the design is the friction free movement between the ball and the single seat. This is to ensure a smooth and low torque valve operation. The non-contact movement avoids abrasion of the sealing area which guarantees high performance during the entire valve lifetime. LCM Rising Stem Ball Valves (RSBV) is an excellent choice for applications where frequent cycling or tight shut-off are mandatory requirements or when service conditions are extreme such as low or high temperatures and high pressures. The LCM RSBV is designed for long lifetime service and minimized maintenance. This is typically used in zero leakage applications in Hydrogen or Hydrocarbon processing plants or for dirty and high-temperature service. This is a proven design for gas processing plants using molecular sieve systems (in switching service).

The sealing is guaranteed by a linear steam movement that pushes the ball/core toward the seat during the closure operation to achieve a zero leakage mechanical seal. There is no rubbing or sliding contact between ball and seat, this allows frequent cycling without wearing off the sealing areas. The specially lapped weld overlay on the sealing is in Stellite6 ensures a long life service minimizing maintenance activities and grants zero leakage. The LCM RSBV with outside screw and yoke, anti-blowout stem, backseat and stuffing box gland packing design is the valve of choice for standard low emission.


LCM RSBV rising stem ball valve
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